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Though the birth of a baby is frequently a joyous event, it’s not one that is without significant health risk, for the birth mother and the child alike. Errors by medical personnel, including the failure to properly monitor the fetus, can lower oxygen levels for the mother and/or the baby, leading to hypoxia or asphyxia, both serious medical conditions. If your loved one has suffered any type of injury during labor or child birth, we can help.

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Aggressive Representation in Cases Involving Hypoxia or Asphyxia

Hypoxia and asphyxia are both conditions where the body is deprived of adequate oxygen. Asphyxia occurs when there is insufficient oxygen to the lungs, often as a result of constriction of air tubes or a blockage in the airway. Hypoxia is characterized by a shortage of oxygen to the tissues in a certain part of the body, or to the whole body. In a newborn child or a birth mother, either asphyxia or hypoxia can have serious consequences, including brain damage or injury.

Our attorneys have a thorough knowledge and understanding of the factors that can contribute to hypoxia or asphyxia injuries, as well as the signs of fetal or birth mother distress that indicate potential oxygen deprivation problems. When you hire us, we’ll conduct a thorough investigation of the facts and circumstances of your case, working with expert witnesses, if necessary, to prepare and present the most compelling case for your full financial recovery.

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