During the first week of December in 2017, a multiple injuries accident in Lower Manhattan occurred when a driver lost control of his Lincoln Continental.

According to New York CBS Local, the Lincoln crashed into a Ford Explorer at Broadway and Liberty Street. The SUV then struck a woman on a bicycle. However, the driver of the Lincoln just kept going and drove for a block, running into three pedestrians and finally crashing into a third vehicle and a bicycle rack. The impact was so forceful that it pulled the bicycle rack out of the concrete, a witness explained.

Responders at the accident scene immobilized the female bicyclist with a neck brace and carried her off on a stretcher. Other accident victims were taken to nearby hospitals and fortunately none had life-threatening injuries.

The police at first believed the incident was a road rage accident but upon questioning the driver, they discovered he complained of chest pains. They determined that medical factors were involved, and no criminal charges were brought against him.

Can Victims Pursue Accident Damages?

Despite the fact that no criminal charges were filed and although the driver experienced a medical trauma, he would still be liable for serious injuries he caused to vehicles, pedestrians and the bicyclist. As long as the three pedestrians and bicyclist were not in violation of traffic laws, one could assume they would have grounds to bring against the motorist’s insurance company.

Based on New York law, when a personal injury victim experiences a serious injury caused by another driver and the economic loss exceeds $50,000 or the injury falls into one of the categories defined as “serious injury,” the victim has the legal right to pursue compensation. Article 51 of the Insurance Law defines what constitutes a serious injury.

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