Labor Day weekend accidents rank second to Memorial Day, which is the worst holiday for accident fatalities. Memorial Day averaged 312 traffic fatalities per year, and Labor Day Weekend averaged 308 fatal accidents per year from the period of 2010 through 2015. (According to Value Penguin statistical analysis)

Many accidents result from drunk driving, which increases during the holidays. Another contributing factor is simply the increase in traffic during holiday travel.

Safety Tips to Avoid Holiday Accidents

USA Today suggests you plan ahead and be well prepared so you can have a fun and safe holiday. Here are some tips for holiday travel:

Car Checkup. Do a routine check of the engine, radiator, tires and fluids. Make sure your windshield wiper fluid is sufficient and ensure steering and brakes are working. Carry a first aid kit, bottle of water, flashlight, jumper cables, a toolkit with wrenches and screwdrivers, duct tape, and an emergency stop sign.

Safe Driving. Two major factors to ensure safety are: concentrating on the road and paying attention to large trucks. Let someone else drive if you’ve been drinking, are tired or feel sick. If you feel dizzy, sleepy or confused while driving, pull off at a rest stop. Because trucks are unable to stop quickly, ensure you keep a safe distance and don’t unexpectedly cut in front of a truck. Also, beware that trucks have many blind spots and try to stay where they can see you.

Avoid Traveling at Busy Times. You can leave early in the morning and avoid traffic on Saturday or leave before Friday rush hour traffic for your holiday weekend. Also avoid traffic when returning home. Most people return either late afternoon or early evening on Monday. If you drive before 4:00 p.m. and after 10:00 p.m., these are less congested traffic times for traveling. Also, you should plan your route ahead of time using a GPS. You can avoid areas under construction repairs and use alternate routes instead.

Get Legal Help for Serious Accident Injuries

If you or a loved one gets into an accident and suffers serious injury, Sackstein Sackstein & Lee, LLP can assist you if you believe another party was at fault. We offer a free consultation evaluate your accident and determine whether you have grounds to pursue compensation.